Our products are distinct. The qualities of moisture content and tensile strength distinguish our moist wipes from the generic dry napkins. Not only do our moist wipes perform better, but our products have the capability of being heated to add an extra level of client care not available in dry type napkins. Also, a single moist wipe can replace four or five dry napkins, thereby saving you money.

We manufacture and supply two distinct types of moist wipes: Our cloth “Oshibori” -type cotton towels and our disposable, air-laid non-woven type of paper moist wipe.

The hot towels are our signature product. These first-class towels are made from one hundred percent cotton material. This product is recyclable. Each towel is laundered in our own in–house washing facilities and prepared with a light lemon fragrance. Each of these wipes are individually wrapped and sealed in a polyethylene wrapper for individual usage.

Our disposable wet towels are our most popular product. Made of a paper type that is branded as air-laid, non-woven, it combines qualities of both strength and softness for the most challenging food service dining application.

We also carry a line of low cost warmers made specifically for heating moist wipes should your food service application require a dedicated unit for heating the wipes.

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