About The Corporation

We are the only North American manufacturer of moist wipes and supplier of traditional cloth-style Oshibori towels. Business was first established in 1984 in Toronto as a result of the vision of two young and energetic entrepreneurs who saw a unique market niche and a way to provide a service not previously available.

The business quickly established a strong foothold in and among the Asian segments of the food service industry. Hot towels were highly sought after in the Asian community because of the general acceptance and utilization of the product in the Pacific Rim countries. They were and still are integral component in the far eastern Asian food service and hospitality industries.

Bringing this product to market here in Canada was a way of adapting the best of Asian methods of customer service to a discerning North American consumer. Hot towel usage was the epitome of customer service. “Just like the airlines” was the catch line of those who experienced the powerful effects of receiving and using a refreshing hot towel.

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